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Wellness Programs

Provide your employees with a complimentary wellness education luncheon

Looking for MEASUREABLE WELLNESS solutions?

Lifetime Chiropractic Center is a leading wellness provider. Through a full-service on-site wellness program, the Lifetime Chiropractic group is bringing wellness to corporate America.

First-of-its-kind, on-site, corporate wellness offer. Our program is based off a program built on 10 years of data that shows direct correlation between wellness and business performance.

And, here’s why you should care.

  • Enrolled wellness participants health care costs decreased by 55%
  • Program participation has grown to 97% of employees
  • Short-term disability claims down 24%
  • Employee spousal claims down 18%
  • Employee turnover reduced by 60%
  • Reduced absenteeism rate, which reduces amount of overtime costs


Stress-Free Living     

People are under stress more now than ever before. It's time to reclaim balance and learn proven stress reducing techniques in everyday living. 


Learn how small changes every day in your diet can make profound differences in how you think, feel and function.

Body Function

We live more sedentary lives today than any other time in history, but our bodies are made to move! During this lunch n' learn, we will explore best practices for body ergonomics, stretching, exercise to promote healthy mobility. 

Mental Clarity     

Staying active and healthy during the winter months can be challenging, in this discussion, find ways you can live healthy year-round and avoid "cabin fever," feelings.

  Custom Topics     

Our company can create topics per request.

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  • "My health has improved considerably thanks to Dr. Janusz"
    Jane L.
  • "I have benefited tremendously from the chiropractic care I received from Dr. Janusz."
    John D.
  • "Thank You Dr. Janusz! My hip and low back are no longer hurting and I can finally sit with no pain."
    Joelle M.

Featured Articles

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  • When Your Spine Is In Line

    Good spinal alignment means good biomechanical health. Essentially, your spine is the biomechanical center of your body. Your legs are connected to your spine via two large and strong pelvic bones. Your arms are connected to your spine via your shoulder blades, ribs, and numerous strong muscles and ligaments. ...

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  • An Apple a Day . . .

    What is so good about an apple? Is it the color, ranging from ruby red to pale pink? Is it the crunch? The sweetness? Or is it, instead, a combination of all of these qualities, plus the natural goodness derived from the apple's secret ingredients — phytonutrients? If this were a multiple choice quiz, the answer would be "all of the above". Importantly, in addition to possessing numerous appealing physical qualities, apples contain an abundance of health-promoting biochemicals known as phytonutrients.1,2 These specific organic molecules are derived not only from apples but many other fresh fruits and vegetables, and help power the immune system, protect against cancer, maintain healthy eyes, and assist cells in clearing out metabolic waste products such as free radicals. ...

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  • Standing Tall

    Young peoples' bones stop growing by approximately age 20, somewhat earlier in women and somewhat later in men. Long bone growth, that is, in the arm, forearm, thigh, and leg, ceases later and smaller bone growth, that is, in the hands, feet, and spine, ceases earlier. In essence, you're as tall as you're ...

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  • Spring Forth!

    Spring is arriving. The days are getting longer, the air is fresher, and the sunlight is brighter. Flowers and bushes are beginning to bloom. Tree sap is running and there are new baby animals in the world. In short, the world is being renewed and, if we choose to, we too can actively participate in ...

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  • Chiropractic Care for the Young and the Young at Heart

    Children and adults are the same but different. Most kids want to play all the time, but they also are required to go to school. Most adults would prefer to play all the time – relax, go to the gym, read a book, watch TV, or get together with friends – but most adults need to go to work at least ...

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  • Care of Concussions

    Concussions are becoming increasingly common, especially among school-age athletes. It has been estimated that there are up to 3.8 million sports-related concussions in the United States each year. Concussions are problematic as, by definition, a concussive injury involves some degree of trauma to the ...

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  • Ice Capades

    In the depths of winter, adults, as well as children, exert themselves to engage in enjoyable outdoor activities that will keep them warm and provide both excitement and entertainment. Cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, sledding, ice hockey, figure skating, and speed skating all have their enthusiasts. Many ...

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  • Being a Change Agent

    Being a Change Agent For most of us, change happens slowly, if at all. But as the recent holiday season fades into the distance, many of us wish to be increasingly proactive this year and take real action on the numerous New Year's resolutions that we made in regard to our health and well-being. Back ...

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  • Holiday Cheer

    In early winter, whether we're celebrating Hanukkah or Christmas, both or nothing at all, families and friends gather to share food and drink and give thanks for a year successfully completed. We send up a rousing holiday cheer and share delicious holiday cheer in celebration of our accomplishments and ...

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  • A User's Guide to Healthy Knees

    Healthy knees require continuous motion. However, our generally sedentary lifestyles are at odds with the maintenance of robust knee joint architecture. Left motionless throughout large portions of the day, over time knee cartilage will break down and knee ligaments will become lax. These chronic changes ...

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